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About Seven Card Stud

Behind every variation of poker is a history full of myths and half-truths; thus the most common belief surrounding the origination of Stud Poker is that it initially surfaced in the US during the American Civil War in the early 1860s. Legend has it that Stud Poker, or Stud-Horse as it was called, was originated by western cowboys in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, who first played 5 Card Stud. Five Card Stud was declared an official poker variant in 1864 by The American Hoyle, though Draw Poker was the most popular poker game played until the early 20th century when 7 Card Stud first emerged. Exactly where 7 Card Stud came from is unknown, but it was the most popular form of poker both on the professional circuit and in casinos until Texas Hold ‘em caught on, which has become the most widely played and popular poker game worldwide.

7 Card Stud Card Stud

Here are a few pointers to get you started at a 7-Card Stud table. First of all, you will want to go into the game with a bankroll that amounts to at least 40 times the low limit. If you can’t afford this at the table you are playing at, find a lower-limit table where you can. Secondly, when it comes to antes, in lower-staked games, the ante is typically 10% of the low bet limit. As bet limits increase, so do the antes. They can go as high as 25%. Higher antes alter the nature of the game because a proportionally bigger pot makes it more worthwhile to steal antes. Higher antes mean faster and more intense games, which require an adjustment to strategy techniques and these tables should be left to the experienced players. Even players who start at low-limit tables have problems with the transition from low to higher limits. Rookie Stud players do not do well at high limit tables, so learning to play becomes very expensive at those levels. New players should not overestimate the value of skill, an important component of 7 Card Stud.

Card recall and card analysis are also key to a successful Stud game. This skill will probably take practice, unless you can memorize the hands. Either way, you must learn to study what is showing on the table and know how to interpret it quickly. Observing the door cards at the onset of a hand is critical and must be done quickly, before your opponents begin folding and raising. Seven Card Stud is a complex game that takes concentration and patience. Once you master these things, you can then work on more complicated strategy methods.

Poker, as a whole, is an evolving institution, as the game has been repeatedly analyzed and modified for hundreds of years. Today, the most accepted and prevalent form of poker is Texas Hold ‘em, but the games that have come before Texas are still revered and kept alive. The majority of games played at poker tournaments throughout the world are derivations of 7 Card Stud, including Texas Hold ‘em, and it is still a very fashionable game in casinos, online, and in home games. Seven Card Stud is one of those games that have served an important role in the evolution of poker, and while it has been retired as “most popular,” many poker lovers still enjoy playing it.

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