Multi-Table Tournament Tips

Multi-Table Tournaments, commonly known as MTT, are the most popular form of poker. Hundreds of thousands of players try their luck in tournaments everyday but many come away disappointed. These tips will help you get an edge over bad players and hopefully, a better bankroll.

Tip #1 – Adjust your play

Many players do not change their play style while playing MTTs or cash games. This is the biggest mistake one can make as both forms of poker have different concepts. The strategy in tournaments is to last as long as you can, and not to win the maximum money in the shortest period of time. Tournaments are a marathon and not a race, and remember, once your chips are gone it is game over, as there is no way to reload.

Tip #2 – Play Tight

In the opening stages of a tournament you need to play much tighter then you normally would. In most tournaments there will be many players going all-in on bad hands, and you need to steer clear of calling in the early stages. Don’t waste chips by donating into pots which don’t have the right odds, and when you are out of position. Play just the top five hands and wait for the donkeys to knock each other out. Then pick your spots.

Tip #3 – Start Building your stack

Once the tournament touches the half-way mark, the game improves. Players will be intelligent enough to respect your raises due to your tight image. So start exploiting that. Use your position to steal pots. Blinds should be worth stealing at this stage and you should be able to keep a steady stack by stealing a few blinds each round, and protecting your blinds.

Tip #4 – Strong Finish

By following the above steps you should find yourself in a good position with a healthy chip stack. Around the bubble, play will tighten up dramatically and smaller stacks will be hanging on to dear life, and will likely fold decent hands just to get into the money. Even poor opponents who have a good amount of chips will tighten up to steal from the bad, low stacked players. After that the bubble players who were hanging on will find a decent hand good enough to risk all their chips. Start to play tighter now until they have been eliminated. Once you are approaching the final table you need to adopt the style which we played coming up to the bubble. Players will be desperate to reach the final table, especially in top heavy tournaments, and will play very much like those around the bubble. Once at the final table you will need to exploit weaker players and try to stay away from larger stacks. They will be trying to bully players out of the pots and you will not want to risk your tournament life trying to defend yourself against them. Position is vital on the final table and if you aren’t stealing blinds wherever possible, you will find yourself slipping down the leader board. Once down to three players play will loosen up and hands which seem terrible normally are often strong. You can either try to take out the other two players yourself and try to go for the win while risking your chips, or wait for them to knock each other out, but face a huge chip deficit during heads up.

So that is the top Multi-Table Tournament tips you will need to be successful and increase your return on investment.

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